The Purposeful Power of Photos

Photos are everywhere. From snapshots, to school pictures, to glossy magazine spreads, we have seen images in almost every context of life for our entire lives, often not stopping to think about how those images came to appear on the page and what made that possible: the camera. I want to research the effect that photos have had on society since the development of the camera. I wonder why photos even resonate with us and exactly what aspects in an image are so enthralling that we remember them forever. Why do certain picture touch us, make us shift our point of view, or even inspire us to act? I want to learn why photos even matter, and why and how their purposeful power can affect their viewers.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Genre 3: News Bulletin

I chose to make this news bulletin to show the power that photographs of natural disasters can have, especially in conjunction with textual reports. The photos that came from the disaster in Japan on March 11, 2011 struck the hearts of people around the world, inspiring relief efforts, donations, and thousands of people ready to help.

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